Can I donate to your campaign?


Anyone is welcome to donate to my campaign. I would never stop someone who wants to help in that way (although word of mouth exposure is a free way you can help me); however, I would prefer that average- or low-income individuals keep their money. I run my entire campaign on being a representative of the majority, the People, unlike so many candidates. It would be hypocritical for me to take money from anyone who needs it for themselves or their families.

If you decide to donate, I will accept a small amount to cover the costs I have incurred to run my campaign; however, anything else will be redirected to charity. Alternatively, you may also make a large donation directly to a charity in the name of my campaign! That is the best option. Of course, charities helping children and animals are preferred, but any legitimate charity is good.

#childrenfirst #mustlovedogs

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