Government & Elected Officials

The President is supposed to represent the majority

Elected officials are supposed to represent the people. For one person to be President, he/she must represent the majority of people.


The sexes are equal, so the President can be man or woman (or other). There are many skin colors, religions/sects, and cultural stances, so there is no way for one person to represent any or all of them. The only way for the people, the majority, to be represented is socioeconomically.

According to official records, the median income of a US citizen in 2015 was $56, 515. Right there, all front-runners are eliminated as truly representative of the people. To look at income per capita in 2014, the average US citizen made a mere $28,889! So, it seems that someone making a "working man"s wages is who can truly represent the majority of Americans, the People.

That person is the one sitting here typing this article now.

"Of the people, by the people, for the peopleā€¦"

What about SCOTUS?

SCOTUS stands for Supreme Court of the United States


Ideally, I believe that every Justice appointed to SCOTUS should be unaffiliated with any political party. That would help eliminate bias and party cronyism.

However, since it is the President's job to appoint and Congress's job to approve, regardless of who a potential Justice is, that job must be done. No games and delays.