Abortion vs. Women's Rights


As a representative of the people, I'd be torn between saving children and honoring a woman's right to choose, although I tend more in favor of the child.

Personally, I think the only time abortion should be considered is when the pregnancy threatens the mother's life. What's better: risk 2 lives or save one?

As I say elsewhere, my personal views should not dictate my job. This issue in particular should be handled at the state level.

Why do you mention “animal” in your basic perspective?


I am a strong advocate of animal welfare (hence my use of the hashtag #mustlovedogs). There is no excuse for any animal abuse. Even livestock grown for food shouldn’t be mistreated before the end of the line comes for them. And there is certainly no reason to go hunting endangered and/or exotic beasts like rhinos or lions.

I also believe, despite all the discord amongst different parties and different political views, that there is one thing most Americans have in common: we love our pets! I have seen people who oppose each other on so many issues that can have a heartfelt conversation when talking about their pets. That must be one reason why we call dog “man’s best friend.”

US Department of Education


Children first. While states can have sovereignty, the US Dept of Education will be completely revamped and help streamline common issues. There is no need for some states to have better schools than others. Every American child is equally entitled to a good education.

Health Care


Cars are a privilege: Pay for insurance.

Health is a God-given right: No one should profiteer in the healthcare industry while many suffer.



We need to slow it down.

The US was built on immigrants, but the cup overfloweth.

On the same token, we cannot turn away children in need.