Military/Veterans/Foreign Policy

Veterans will be employed


Right now, many in our military are basically treated as contractors. They get paid while deployed, but become jobless when they get home. The government promoting the hiring of vets to outside companies is not good enough. As Commander-in-Chief, all able vets will be employed by the government itself.

Those with special skills/knowledge could be parceled into other departments of the federal government, but the rest would become a useful labor force. The infrastructure of our country is in serious need of repair. As such, when soldiers come home they could be deployed to special projects on interstates and bridges and the like. Harking back to FDR, this would be the "New Millennium Deal."

The project would benefit everyone and be sure that our men and women in-arms are treated the way they should be.

Foreign Policy


We need to have a hand in the world. We all live in it. But charity starts at home. No more warmongering. No more spending more on others.



Terrorism is real. But it is not just the so-called ISIL.

Anyone threatening communities in the US is a terrorist. This includes homegrown.