What is your campaign?

Why don’t you visit different states?


Unlike the frontrunners, I am just like most of you: I work a 40-hour/week “9-to-5” type retail job. I do not have the luxury of traveling when and where I need to go this election year. As such, if any particular states or local municipalities would like to get to know me or ask me anything live, I would have to do so by video.

Can I donate to your campaign?


Anyone is welcome to donate to my campaign. I would never stop someone who wants to help in that way (although word of mouth exposure is a free way you can help me); however, I would prefer that average- or low-income individuals keep their money. I run my entire campaign on being a representative of the majority, the People, unlike so many candidates. It would be hypocritical for me to take money from anyone who needs it for themselves or their families.

If you decide to donate, I will accept a small amount to cover the costs I have incurred to run my campaign; however, anything else will be redirected to charity. Alternatively, you may also make a large donation directly to a charity in the name of my campaign! That is the best option. Of course, charities helping children and animals are preferred, but any legitimate charity is good.

#childrenfirst #mustlovedogs

How do you feel about celebrity endorsements of a candidate?


Having a celebrity endorse me would be a very big deal, since it would help gain me more exposure; however, when it boils down to it, a celebrity’s choice is no more important than that of the average citizen. A celebrity still only gets one vote, just as does a non-famous American.

What is the hashtag #oneofus all about?




In tandem with my candidacy, I began a movement called One of US. It is based on the need that our nation has to start having our representatives in government at all levels and in all branches actually be representative of the majority of Americans, the so called 99%.

In 2015, the median US income was $56,516. That means that anyone who made more than $60,000 in 2015 could only represent less than half of Americans. That is not the majority and thus not democratic! This movement seeks to elect only Senators, Congresspersons, and a President whose incomes are each below $60K and whose networths are each no more than about the value of owning one modest house and one basic automobile.

How do you feel about the frontrunners?


Being a candidate myself and thus voting for myself, I am of course not in favor of any of the frontrunners. If I were not a candidate, though, I still would not support Trump, Clinton, or Johnson. They completely go against my entire #oneofus platform, since they are all wealthy.

Each of course has other negatives as well, but I do not play the smear-campaign tactic.