Who is Michael B. Puskar?

Tell me about WILEY ROO!!!


Because so many cats and dogs are homeless, I have always supported pound puppies over breeders. In Fall 2007, my brother and I went to the Baltimore County Humane Society to look at one little dog named Dakota that our mother had found online. Instead, we found a character of a Sheltie/Keeshond mix dancing on his little bed. One year-old Wiley was the perfect match for us! (Don’t worry, Dakota was adopted by others.)

While he had his first name already when we adopted him, “Roo” is the middle name I gave him because of how he jumped like a kangaroo for his food bowl the first few months we had him.

Wiley loves his good-boy biscuits, peanut-butter treats (made by Blue Dog Bakery), and Greenies bones (or as he knows them: “stinky breath-esses treats!”).

His favorite toy is a little plush sheep we call Baa Baa. When we see him running around looking for something, we know it’s Baa Baa! That’s how much he loves it. The only things he likes more are car rides and walks!

Please elect me so Wiley can be First Mutt/Dog! #fmotus #fdotus

Are you really a candidate for President?


I definitely am. You may visit fec.gov and enter my name. You will see that I am officially registered there.

Why have I never heard of you?


The big-name candidates always have huge financial backing, whether it is a couple hundred thousand or couple hundred million dollars. They just use the money to get the word out, despite already having a large enough following to campaign. I started off from scratch, with no financial backing. All social media and other methods of campaigning have been my own doing.

How old are you?


At the time of election, I will have just turned 39.

Do you know what electing me would mean? I would be the youngest ever to hold the office of POTUS!

(So far that record is held by Teddy Roosevelt, succeeding at 42; and Kennedy, elected at 43.)

The Constitution provides that one must be 35 to be elected POTUS, so let’s finally get closer to that number after more than 200 years later!

What is your religion?


While I raised Catholic through middle school, I do not adhere to any particular denomination’s doctrine. I believe in God, but I am more spiritual than religious.

Personally, I do not judge anyone else for their beliefs; I judge them on their character.

As a candidate, I do not judge anyone for their beliefs; the Bill of Rights provides for religious freedom.